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Europe Trip Notes 2019 # 2

Europe 2019 Trip Notes # 2

We've been to several French pre-historic, Neanderthal-type caves. The Bordeaux area happens to have such a cave. It's called Grotto Pair-non-Pair.

The Cave Is Located In The Beautiful Countryside

"Man" lived 30,000 years ago in this area It was discovered quite by accident when a cow stepped into a hole which happened to be the "chimney" leading down to the cave itself. 

Door Installed To Keep Out Non-invited Visitors

It took 30 years for a scientist to painfully uncover, inch-by-inch the various layers of tools, debris and artwork (drawings) edged into the cave walls. 

Over 15,000 items have been found. Many meters below the cave floor are known items that have not yet been unearthed. What could be waiting to be discovered?

Cave Alcove Used For Sleeping And Some Work Activities

Cave Is Known For Art Techniques Used To Create PERSPECTIVE!

Most Of The Paint Color Is Gone 

Fast Forward: Why Did Egyptians ONLY use 2 Dimension Techniques?

As we were driving away from the Grotto, Helene noticed worn steps leading to another area. We guessed that there was another site not open to the public. Jerry "Googled" it and found the following picture. 

Guess who? Guess what type of animal! 

Human Remains Were Found Nearby.  This Cave Was Used For Protection, Working And Sleeping 

A Clay "Flute" Was Found Signifying Interest/Knowledge Of Music
The Above Bone With Holes May Have Been An Art Piece
*                  *                  * 

An interesting part of this trip was the flexibility where we could "wander" a bit and not worry where we go and what we see. We spent some time in Bourg and Blaye - both small towns had interesting things to see. 

The Majesties Jerry I And Frederick I In Front Of Louis XIV Building 

Helene And Arlene "Guarding" The River 

Jerry And Fred Check Out An Old Building 

Building Is Being Renovated Into A Home 

Time For Lunch - Muscles With Frites And A Duck Salad Concoction

Low Tide - Huge Tidal Changes In The Bordeaux Area 

While driving through the county side, we came across a Citadel that looked out over the valley on one side and the river on the other side. 

Typical Wooden Gate By The Drawbridge 

Wine Anyone? 

We Came across This Interesting Building On Our Way Back To Town 

Fred Ordered A Hamburger For Dinner. It Came With A Salad And Fries.
Can You Believe The Amount Of Sides?

Local Movie Theater Across From Apartment  
 Check Out These Glasses 

Need Hertz? Forget It. Just Rent A Car On The Street - And Go...

 Pretty Storefront 

Plaza Near Our Apartment

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