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Europe 2019: Trip Notes # 6

Europe 2019: Trip Notes # 6

This will be a long day for us. There will be five hours of driving from France to Spain with stops along the way at St. Sebastian and Bilbao. Our final destination is Satander. 

 No Time For Biarrtiz Beaches Or The Quaint Harbor Of St. Jean de Luz       Maybe Next Time! 

 Lots of  Security Crossing Into France From Spain 

We were excited about San Sebastian (Spain). The historical, coastal town is famous for its "old town," narrow alleyways and unique tapas. Getting to the outskirts of San Sebastian was easy. Entering and trying to find a parking place was impossible. There was total gridlock. After two hours sitting in traffic (and even offering to pay an upscale hotel to park the car), we gave up and headed to Bilbao. Disappointing! 

 Guggenheim Museum 

Bilbao (in part) is famous for its Guggenheim Museum. This has been our third visit. Overall, the exhibits were uninteresting. However,  it is always worthwhile to see the architecture of this magnificent museum.

 Seasonal Flowers 

 Dramatic Inside 

 Permanent Exhibit. Check Out Size In Relation To People 

*                  *                  * 
Santander is a town situated close to the ocean. For its size, there are actually many things to see and do. In fact, we can't quite figure out some aspects of the town. There are many upscale homes. What is the draw? 

 Could It Be The Bull Fights? 

The Dramatic Coastline? 

Crowded Beaches With Sand Like Powder? 

Thousands Of Bathers Don't Swim In The Ocean - They Just Stand In The Water To Cool off.

Paddle Tennis (?) At The Beach
These People Were Fantastic!

Perhaps It Is The Famous  Faro Lighthouse And Museum 

The Museum Has Many Exhibits Related To The Lighthouse And Other Marine-related Items 

Santander Has One Of The Best Maritime Museums
Above Is A Partial Skeleton of The World's Second Largest Whale 

Middle Section 

The Last Section 

 All Kinds Of Fish Are Found In The Tanks - Some Very Exotic!

Our Apartment Overlooks A Plaza And Is Part of A Large Pedestrian Zone 

 Having An Apartment Usually Means Shopping For Food 

Self-Weighing and Pricing Out Produce 

Checking Out The Unusual 

One Vendor's Cash Register Is A Basket Hung Over Her Products 

Jerry Discovers A Cigarette Machine 

 Manhole Covers

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