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Europe 2019: Trip Notes # 7

Europe 2019: Trip Notes # 7

Santander, Spain - cont.

There were several situations on this trip when we showed up at a tourist site and found that the visiting hours had changed. The website was wrong. The Magdalena Palace was such a place. It took three tries to get to see this place. When we finally got in, we were surprised to find that (for such an important site for Spain), there was ZERO English - not even a simple pamphlet. 

Front Of Palace 

Looking Toward Beach Area From Palace Front Door 

 Lots of Ornate Woodwork 

Living Room 

Family Dinner Table

Asian Influence 

*                  *                    *

What a pleasant surprise! Santander has an interesting building (Centro Botin) which can be used for concerts and art exhibits. 

Modern Architecture On Beach Front 

This Visit Was A Wow!
 He Needs To Learn How To Smile When Pictures Are Taken

Timing was good. Botin was hi-liting Calder as well as other interesting artists. 

We asked at the ticket counter how many Americans have come to this fabulous place. We were told that (perhaps) 3-4 Americans purchased tickets. (They always ask about the "home country.") This reinforces what we were thinking. We have not seen (or heard) any Americans on our travels. Financial reasons? 

                  Post Impressionist Style By a Few Years 

More Modern Feeling

Look What We Found!?!? 

Walking around town allows us to find all sorts of interesting things to see and do. 

Central (Botin) Bank - Donated Money To Botin Art Center 

Central Post Office Has Interesting Mail Boxes 

Steps To Cathedral 

Cathedral Alcove 

  Manhole Cover 

The town has many beautiful gardens. It also has a "marine park." Besides sea lions, penguins and other ocean animals, it also has a variety of boats. 

 Replicas Of Pinta, Nina and Santa Maria. These Small (Built To Size) Ships Were Actually Used In a Trans-Oceanic Experiment. 

*                  *                    *
Crossing into Spain provided views of beautiful Mountains reminding us of Switzerland as well as a picturesque countryside that could easily be France

Near Santander is Santanilla del Mar - a medieval village. This was an interesting place to spend a few hours. 

Village Church 

Nearby are farms specializing in raising bulls 

                                              Interesting Road Sign 
    When Trying To Pass On The Road, Which One Has The Right Of                                                 "Weight?" A Car Or A Bull?

We ended our trip to Spain by visiting Comillas - another historical village. Besides being quaint, having narrow alleyways, etc., it is also where Gaudi designed his first major project. 

Who Would Believe That (In A Small Spanish Village) We Would Find Gaudi? 

A New Friend 

                                                    Lamp Post - 1882 

Unbelievable Situation
There Was No Parking Close To Gaudi House
Parking Was About Two Miles Away
Arlene "Made Friends" With Neighbor In Front Of Gaudi House
We Were Allowed To Park In Neighbor's Driveway

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