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Europe 2019: Trip Notes # 8

Europe: 2019 Trip Notes # 8

Another long day. To reach Iceland, we had to drive back to Bilbao, look for a gas station, return the rental car and fly to Holland in order to connect with another plane to Reykjavik

Flight to Iceland was originally on Icelandair. Due to Boeing 737 Max issue, we had to change airlines.

There is significant evidence of global warming from the air and from the ground.  

Water coloring change (minerals) is due to melting water from a glacier. Glacial water pours into the ocean!

                               Check Out All The Volcanoes 

        Difficult Language - Ten Letters With Two Syllables To Say                                                       "Toilets" 

                         Iceland Is Having Cultural Issues With Asians 

                              Time To Walk Around Reykjavik

Our first reaction was - , "Oh my...we're in a ski resort. Everyone is wearing winter ski clothes. Name brands are everywhere: REI, Patagonia, North Face, etc. Yes, it's a bit chilly. Temperatures during the day are in the low 40's. Blustery winds drop temperatures to the 30's.

Local clothing store. 66 stores (names after the latitude) are located throughout the country. Company is a "rags to riches" story. Owner started knitting winter sweaters in a small village. 

                                    Why Not? 

Main Lutheran Church

                                              Opera House 

                                                Local Manhole

            Typical Auto License - Road Signs Are Always Interesting 

                                   *                   *                        *                  
One of many geo-thermal facilities

                         Pipes Moving Hot Water Are Everywhere

                           On Our Way To The Blue Lagoon

 Blue Lagoon - Huge Outdoor Pool
Drinks, Facial Creams And Other Amenities Provided 

                     Anyone For Some Bubbly?
            These Small Spouts Are Everywhere

Iceland's Version Of Old Faithful. It Goes Off Every 8 Minutes.
The Only Thing That Is Predictable Is The Timing. 
Sometimes There Are Two Spouts As Well As Different Amounts Of  Spouting Water 

              Steam Coming Out of Ground Or Hot Streams
                             Interesting Phenomenon 

Lava and Mineral Variation Create A Pastel of Colors

                       Contrasts: Hot Water/Steam and Cold Snow

                                            Windy And Cold - Time To Wear Layers
Look To The Bottom Left And Left Center Of Picture - People Will Give You An Idea of the Waterfall Size. This Is The Niagara Of Iceland

We Couldn't Figure Out The Purpose 

 Most Towns Have Parks Or Play Areas For Children 

 Lava To The Left, Lava To The Right. Lava In Front, Lava In Back
                                    Lava Is Everywhere 

Many Horses Unique To Iceland Raised For Export 

          Nature Is Beautiful All The Time Regardless of Conditions

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