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Europe 2019: Trip Notes # 12

Europe 2019: Trip Notes # 12 

Iceland was great. Most of the guides were excellent which added to our experience. Now, it's on to the Foroe Islands - an independent country that falls under the umbrella of Denmark.

First Settled By Irish Monks And Vikings

License Plate - Not Too Many Cars On The Islands

Pretty Harbor - There May Be More Boats Than Cars

Harbor View And Our Ship

Local Election Coming Up - Too Many People Running For Office
True To Form - All The Locals are Cynical About The Politicians And What They Are Promising

Heading To Countryside On Narrow Road - Watch Out For Oncoming Cars and Sheep

Beautiful Canyons Carved By The Glaciers 

Fjord Galore - The Picture Has Sort Of A Mystical Feeling
Can You Imagine That Years Ago This Huge Fjord was Filled With Ice And Snow? 

                Not Much Here. Years Ago Most People Fished
                      Now, Most Homes Are Summer Homes.
                     "Summer" Means That It Is Not Snowing
                    Guess How Many Layers Arlene Is Wearing? 
                              Five - because its raining and cold! 

Traditional Home
Grass Used For Insulation 

We had time to walk around in search of interesting sites 

Art: Anchor, Flowers In Pot And Stones Mounted On Post 

 Gnome Garden

Open Fishing Boat - Ready To Go 

Knickknacks Tell A Lot About Homeowner

Home Owner Uses Plants To Improve "Curb Appeal" 

                               Picturesque Seaside Village

Home Made Pancakes, Rich Whipped Cream And Homemade Jam - Yum! 

Look At Upper Right Hand Corner Of Picture - Top Of Cliff
People Size Provides A Good Perspective Of Cliff Size 
People On Cliff - Bottom Right Also Helps With Perspective

                      It's A Long Way Down
There Is No Protective Fence On Our Side Of The Gorge 

Sheep And Cows Seem Disinterested In Candidate 


Another Unique Manhole 

Traditional Clothes Worn During National Holiday Celebrations

                                          Glass Artwork In Store

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