Saturday, August 10, 2019

Europe 2019: Trip Notes # 3

Europe: 2019 Trip Notes # 3 

We scheduled several key places to visit today. 

 Bordeaux Cathedral 

 About 8 Soldiers Setting Up Guard Stations Around Cathedral

Jerry And Helene Light Candles - Said A Prayer 

Bordeaux Synagogue Closed Even Though Internet Stated "Open" 

Jews Killed During WWII 

 Buying Fresh Food - Daily 

Stumbled Onto Wonderful Bakery

Entering Beautiful Park and Upscale Beach Area

Complex Sand Castle 
Oh My - Not For Us! 

 Beautiful, Quiet Beach  
Pier Used For Ferrying People To Nearby Islands And Touring Coast

Water Pump Used To Fill Bottles and Washing Sand Off Feet 
Picnic Time

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