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Europe 2019: Trip Notes # 13

Europe 2019: Trip Notes # 13 


Slowly cruising early morning through a Fjord is a wonderful experience. There is a surreal sense of well being. The ship's engines seemed to be on "silent running." The quiet is eerie. Beauty is everywhere! 

 Time To Reflect

Waterfalls Come In All Sizes 

And In All Intensities 

Norway's valleys are gorgeous

Rivers Run Non-Stop

From A Distance Homes Look Like Little Lego Toys
Houses Built For A Model Train Set

We happened to see an unusual cloud formation hugging the tree tops. At first, we thought that it was smoke coming from a fireplace.

Also unusual was this horizontal rainbow seen a few days ago. What is a rainbow when there is no bow?

Norway is mountainous. 

Roads can be narrow and curvy. 
As The Front Part of The Bus Is Hanging Over The Cliff's Edge, The Bus Driver Yells Out, "Don't Worry - The Wheels Are Behind Us!"

It's Possible To Take An Old Train To The Mountain Top

Adventurous? How About Hiking Down The mountain?
Which Way Is Tarven?

You Want To Take This Trail? 

                 Want A Fast Way Down? Is 60 MPH Okay For You? 
                      No Problem. Just Zip To The Valley Below
                                Try Not To Screammmmmm!

 How About A Traditional Waffle And Homemade Jam? 
Waffles Are Not Crisp. They are Made To Be Folded Up With The Cream And Jam And Eaten Like A Sandwich

Some People Prefer Riding Up Hill Using Electric Or Standard Bikes

Exploring The Mountains In A Two Person Electric Car Can be Fun
The Second Person Sits Behind The Driver - Knees Up To The Chin 

Time To Breathe In The Fresh Air 
 Seat Made for Queen Sonia
Sitting At Edge Of Cliff Can Be A Fun Experience 

Jerry Wants To Feel The Full Effect
Waterproof Jacket Helps 

Continuing To The Mountain Top 

Photo Op Time

Getting Closer 

Viewing Point  - Note the curved edge of the Bridge.
Jerry Does NOT Like Heights!

It's A Long Way Down

Firewood Flower

 Does This Give You An Idea Of How To Pass The Time?
Arlene Finds A Pair Of Old Ski Boots - The Same Model She Used

Yes, It Can Be Cold During Summer 

This Is What Conditions Are Like During Winter
30 Feet of Snow In Mountains Is Not Uncommon
250 Days of Rain In Norway Is Standard

Time to work our way down the mountain 
 Whoops! Time To Back Up Going Up Hill With A Cliff Behind Us

Now What?

We Have A Moment To Relax

Ship's Restaurants Are Quite Good 

Leaving A Fjord - On To Our Next Adventure 

*                  *                 *

Alesund  - Town burned down in 1904. Buildings were rebuilt in three years with help from Kaiser Wilhelm. Town used Germany's "Art Nouveau"  designs. 

Jerry's I-Phone "8" Does A Remarkable Job 

We're Always Moving - No Time To Paint a Picture 

Buildings Could Be Used For "Period" Movies

 Monkey Tree 

 Branches/Leaves Look Like Tail Of Monkey 

Manhole Design Recognizes Horrific Fire
3000 Buildings Burned Down
Only One Death - A Woman Ran Back Into Her Home To Save A Memento 

 Heather Plants And Linden Trees Are Quite Popular In Norway 

  The Street's Stone Roadwork Complements The Same Circular Design As The Manhole Cover

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