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Europe 2019: Trip Notes # 9

Europe 2019: Trip Notes # 9

 Iceland's "Golden Circle" is known for it's unique geological formations, interesting sites, and wonderful surprises. 

                          This Is Not An Ordinary Waterfall  

We Drank The Water - Straight From The Stream. Good, Fresh and Non-chemical Taste. Best Of All? There Were No Animals To pollute the water! 

Yes, It's Raining. People Are Practicing Nordic Skiing By Using Wheels On Their Mini Skis. Looks Like Fun - Even When It Is Cold And Wet. 

Greenhouse facility  -  Growing Tomatoes And Other Vegetables 

 Small, Local Enterprises Turns Into Wholesale/Retail Business of 
Packing Tomatoes.

We had an opportunity to visit and old fishing village. 

             Circular Stones Used To Grind Grain 

The fisherman's life was rough and dangerous. Why would the fisherman use a glove with two thumbs? 

Answer: When one thumb wears out from rowing, they can turn the glove around and continuing to row. Ingenious idea. 

             Not Exactly New Balance Or Nike 

These Are Not Ordinary Cracks In The Rock. They Are Part Of A Large Rift System - Teutonic Plates Separating North America and Eurasia.  

        Jerry Is About To Straddle East and West Plates 

 Many Areas Prone To Landslides And Avalanches 

 A Glacier Was Once In This Location 

 Another surprise. We had an opportunity to visit a fish processing factory. 

Time To Suit Up - Cleanliness Is A Must 

One Of Several Production Lines 

No Fish Smell - Very Fresh Cod

Skins, Heads And Bones  - Not For Human Consumption. 
Will Be Ground Up And Used For Other Purposes 

Notice the black boxes. They are computers. The computers will automatically sense the ocean floor depth, search for a particular fish and pull up the catch. The only thing a fisherman has to do is to bait the hooks and take the fish off the hooks. 

Today was full of surprises. In another area, our guide found fish drying in this "catch." 

This Is Half A Fish And Can Be Used, In Part, For Snacking.

In Order To Eat The Dried Fish, It Must Be Hammered For Quite A Bit Of Time So That The Cardboard-Type Texture Can Be Chewed 
Where's OSHA? Not Exactly Sanitary!

Jerry Volunteers To Try It
Critique? Pretty Good, Not Fishy, Has A Slight Salty Taste
Takes A Lot Of Chewing 

Tunnels Help Driving From Point "A" To Point "B"
This Tunnel Has An Intersection
We Turned Into A Single Lane 

Sheep Were In The Tunnel As Well as an Oncoming Truck
There are Places For Vehicles To Pull Over 

Besides Fish Cakes, Guide Makes A Fish Stew 
Cod, Potatoes. Butter, Garlic, Flour, Salt And Pepper
Quite Good! 

Came Across A Pub -
Miniature Liquor Bottles Used As Decoration

 Landscapes Are Always Pretty And Interesting 

Old Lava Flow Covered With Moss

                   Lava Will Be Ground Up And Used For Making Roads

                         Try To Pronounce The Shop's Name 

Another Majestic Waterfall

Black Sand Beach

 Not Hawaii!

Similar To Devil's Post Pile - Mammoth, California

Interesting Cave 

                                             Jerry's Art Work 

Our Ship Left Late Due To A Traffic Situation
Large Truck Carrying Earth Digging Equipment
One Lane - No Way To Pass
Truck Driver Would Not Pull Over

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