Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Europe 2019: Trip Notes # 10 A

                                 Europe 2019: Trip Notes # 10 A

 Time for some off-roading with a 4-wheel monster bus 

All Aboard!

So Far So Good - Only A Poorly Maintained Dirt Road

                      We Across What Is Left Of An Old Stone Hut 

Small River That We Need To Cross 

Another Bumpy Crossing Ahead 

Not Too Deep Although A Car Was Pulled Out Last Week By A Rescue Team 

Thank Goodness For A 4-Wheeled Vehicle

*                   *                    *
One of this day's destination was a research center. 

                   Cold, Blustery And Fun!

Zoologists, Botanists, Anthropologists, Geologists, etc. come here for a lengthy period of time. 

                                 Cozy Setting 

Sleeping Quarters - A Bit Rustic

Art Piece Made With Driftwood And Bones

Artificial Ponds Made By A Woman Who Owns Property/Supports Environmental Research 

Down From Eider Duck
Nests Checked - Down Is Collected For Research And Pillows
Owner Is Only Person That Ducks Allow To Visit Nests
With Care And Support By This Woman, Ducks Continue To Return To These Ponds.
Woman Recognizes "Her Ducks" By Their Individual Feather Markings/Coloring 

Jerry Wanders Into Office Area - Finds Magazines From 1949.  

Jerry Finds Old Fishing Net Floats 

Time To Start Trekking 

Reached Observation Point
Many Birds Live On Cliff Behind Us

Rough/Jagged Cliffs Below
Wet, Slippery Rocks
No Protective Railing - No OSHA

Nearby is a temple/church and burial site.

Anthropologists Discovered/Concluded From Digs:
Vikings Were Buried In Fetal Position (Temple)
Christians were Buried Laid Out Straight (Church) 
*                 *              *
Time to head back to the ship

Notice The Layers Of  Lava - Mountain In Background

Lupin Brought In From Alaska
Used To Hold/Break Down Rock, Make Soil And Hold Soil Together

Now A Huge Problem - Overtaking Entire Countryside
Scientists Trying To Figure Out How To Get Rid Of It 

Touring Botanical Garden

It's amazing that so many flowers can survive the harsh Icelandic weather.

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