Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Europe 2019: Trip Notes # 5

Europe: 2019 Trip Notes # 5

 It's chateau visiting time.

Chateau Cadillac overlooks a quaint village. The chateau has some unique aspects.

Besides being a king's residence, the chateau was also used as a woman's penitentiary - 19th Century to 1950's.

                                         We Are The Only Visitors 

 Typical Castle Mote - Never had Water in It.

Beautiful Ceiling Paintings 

 Henry IV Always Shown Smiling

After His Assassination, Next In Line (Duke Of Empernon), Was Precursor Of The Musketters

 Many Beautiful Tapestries 

 Ornate Fireplaces

 Paintings Over Fireplaces 

 Checking Out The Jail 

Typical Cell 

 Playing In The Snow 

*                    *                  *
The French countryside is beautiful. 

Jerry Tasted The Grapes. They Were A Bit Sour - Not Yet Ready For Picking 

Many Forests In The Area

Arlene Loves Her Haystacks

Art is not always in a museum.
Check Out The Cow 

Logging Industry Is Prevalent

*                    *                  *
Chateau Roquetaillade is actually a fort.

The most interesting aspect of this chateau (fort) was the renovation process and the way food was stored.
Ala Michelangelo Painting The Sistine Chapel, This Artist Is High Above The Floor Repairing And Painting Chateau Walls And Ceiling  

 Catacombs Beneath The Chateau Are Used For Food Storage.
This Is August. It's Hot. The Catacomb Temperature Is In The 50's

*                    *                  *
Chateau Cazeneuve

It took some effort to find the chateau. But, we finally found the place!

                              Getting Ready For More Touring

The chateau has remained in the family for 500 years.

                                                  Family Photos

Can anyone guess the purpose of this chair? 
This  Leather Chair Is Used To Chew And Snuff Tobacco
Men Would Straddle The Chair - Facing Toward Back 

Discovered An Underground Wine Cellar

Check Out The Many Bottle Sizes

*                    *                  *

Nearby Village Cemetery

It Seems That All Village Cemeteries Honor WWI Soldiers
What Happened To The WWII Heroes? 

 Each Day Is Long, Fun And Worthwhile
Time To Relax And Talk About Our Day.

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