Monday, November 8, 2021

                                                                      Moab, Utah # 3

                                             Time For Inspiration

                 Driving Through A Canyon - Rough Off Roading!


                                       Road Washed Out

                                    Julien: Off Road Driver


                                            Julien Makes Sushi


A Dirty, Muddy Car Is A Sign Of A Local

  Orion's Belt: Early Morning Rise To See Sunrise

                            One Hour Drive + Hike To Arch And Canyon

                                        Canyonlands National Park

                                A  Display Of Nature's Divinity

Unique Natural Condition: Arch Glows With Orange Hue

No Color/Photo Editing

A Little Chilly

Looks Like Another World

A Great Day

Arlene and Cecile Check Out Vista

They Only Looked: A Long Hike - A Long Way Down

 Unusual Formations In All Directions

Nature's Beauty
Hot Blackjack Game: Gambling with M & M's

Guess What We're Playing?

Heading For Sunset Picnic

Want a Rock?

Beauty Everywhere

So Many Different Formations

One Of The Many Arches

Gourmet Picnic  

The End Of A Great Day
                        Can't Wait To See What Tomorrow Brings

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