Sunday, June 30, 2019

Jerry & Arlene's 50th Anniversary - Sun River # 1

Jerry & Arlene's 50th Anniversary
Sun River, Oregon
July 2019
# 1

Congregating At LAX 

Watching A Movie 

Happy Happy! 

Father & Son

Boom And Kids

Cecile Needed Exercise 

Getting Ready To Board - Small Plane 
Our Family Takes Up Most Seats 

Can't Wait To Eat

Jon And Yo-Yo Ma Have A Lot On Common
They Both Have A Seat For Their Instrument 

Ready To Take Off

Landed Smoothly And Safely

Welcome To Redmond

Waiting For Luggage


A Visitor

A Little Relaxation 

Surprise! Hailing

Fun and Games 

Pillow Fight

Dinner Time

David Can't Wait 

Tired Tree

Ahhhhhh ....

A Fun Week Ahead of Us

On our walk - Found a beautiful tree

Shira Loves Games 

 After Dinner Relaxation