Monday, November 4, 2019

Nashville - Memphis 2019: # 9

Nashville - Memphis 2019: # 9

Peabody Hotel - Famous Memphis Historical Hotel 

Besides VERY Famous (People) Guests, The Hotel Is Also Known For The Duck Parade. Ducks - Living at The Hotel, Come Down From The 5th Floor, Walk The Red Carpet And Hop Into a Fountain 

 Fountain Is In Middle Of The Lobby

Lansky Clothier Is Also Known For Elvis Getting His First Show Clothes - On Credit!

Lansky's Is Known For Its Hi-Profile Clients And Outlandish Clothes 

Does Anyone Want To Wear A Guitar? 

What Tie Will Go With This Jacket? 

I'll Take One Of Each 

Johnny Cash And Elvis

Fancy French Restaurant In Hotel

Many Historical Items In The Hotel
Francis Scott Key Wrote Our National Anthem With This Piano 

"Hello, Operator? Please Call 7-7-9-8-3-2..." 

Who Needs Phones Now That Everyone Has Cell Phones? 

There Was a Fund Raiser Run For Breast Cancer
Hooter Girls (Across The Street Dress In White) Encouraged The Runners - Elvis Songs Played Loudly In Background 

,Another Wonderful Music Museum 

Many Places Had Inconsistent Opening Hours
The Museum Front Door Sign Indicated 10:00 AM
Another Sign (Nearby) indicated 9:30 AM
Our Motel Stated That There Is An Airport Shuttle
The Shuttle Service Stopped A Long Time Ago
No One Has An Answer About These Inconsistencies
Oh Well. When In Memphis...

Arlene Decides To Be Part of The Exhibit 

First Juke Box (Left) Played 78's
Newer Version Played 45's 

It's Fun To See The Old Items 

Ilene And Arlene Record A Song 

Old Posters

*                  *                   * 

Little Did We Know That Memphis Had One Of The Best Asian-Judaic Museums 

Bone and Ivory Carved Tusk 

Close Up 

Jade - Fantastic Art Piece

Fantastic Detail 

We Have Visited The Best Asian Museums
Never Have We Seen A Piece Like This One
The Museum Agent Indicated That This Piece Needs To Be Enclosed - The Moldy Smell Is Awful


*                  *                   * 

A Bridge Linking Tennessee And Arkansas 

Mississippi - Old Paddle Wheel  Boats 

Taking A Ride On The Mississippi 

 The Dolly Parton Bridge

"...Old Man River, That Old Man River..."

*                  *                   * 

Memphis Art Fair - Great (And Loud) Music - Interesting Location

*                  *                   * 

           Office Building Art

*                  *                   * 

Fed-Ex Employs 45,000 People

*                  *                   *
This is the end of our Nashville - Memphis Blog. We left  Tennessee with many wonderful experiences, insight about the areas visited and, without doubt, it's clear that our country has many wonderful places to check out.

And now, back to the "REAL" world.
     - Jerry went to the market for a few things for dinner - $80!
     - We needed to buy gas - Brentwood 76 gas is $5.29 - Memphis
       is around $2.19
     - It was evacuation time again - there was a fire near us. This is
       the third time we had to be on an alert or evacuate. Grrr!
     - Cable news, politics and the homeless are issues back on the
       front burner

Time for another get-away. Stay tuned!