Thursday, November 11, 2021

                                                                            Moab, Utah # 4

                           Another Day Of Climbing - Selecting Gear

    Last Minute Check - David Lugs Approximately 40 Pounds Of Gear                       

                                            Good Luck - Climb Safe

                               Selecting The Correct Piece Of Gear

                             An Overhanging Obstacle Above David

                           David Figures Out A Work Around Approach

                                        Rough On The Hands

Cecile's Turn 

                                        Cecile Is A Long Way Up

                                        Julien's Ascent

                                   Big Stretch Required To Continue

                                    I Think I Can - I Know I Can!

                       Remi Smiles Then Sings, "Rubber Ducky" Song

Getting Ready To Push Up To Next Spot

                            We're Heading To The Back Country

Bumpy, Rough Off-Road Trek To Unique Location

                 This Is A Cave-Like Place Called The "Crack House"

The Purpose Of This Activity Is To Jam Hands And Feet Into Crack And With  Brute And Grunt Strength, Work Your Way Through The Cave. The    Pad  Is Called A "Crash Pad" In Case The Person Loses Grip And Falls

                                         Not For Amateurs

                                                    Cecile's Turn

"I Can't Do This - I Don't Want To Do This - OMG - I'm Doing It!"

                                           Julien Wants To Try

                                           Remi Has Other Ideas

                 Time For A Hike - Making An Animal Out Of Rocks

 Entire Area Has Unlimited Pieces Of "Driftwood-like" Wood/Branches

                                    Next Stop: End Of A Canyon

It's Possible To Walk Over Chasm/Gorge Using Two Natural Stone Bridges  

                       Julien Stands Near Edge - Looks Down At Arch

     Cecile Takes A Few Minutes To Contemplate Nature's Wonders

                                                   No Safety Barriers

                                             Sun Begins To Set

                                Bush Finds Place To Attach And Grow

                                            Life Is Good!

                                            Last Day In Moab

                                Exploring Banks Of Colorado River

                                                  Life Is Great!

Should We Play In The Mud Or Just Throw Rocks And Sticks In The River?

Secluded Camping, Cottonwood Trees And Enjoying Life

Water Pours Out Of Cracks In Rocks. This Is NOT Sparklets or Arrowhead Bottled "Spring Water." This is Truly (Natural) Spring Water That Percolates Through The Mountain/Rocks--Filtering And Providing Natural Drinking Water. Anyone Can Fill-Up And Drink As Much As You Want. Yum!

                        Last Look At Nature Before Heading To Airport


                                            A Fabulous Trip