Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Europe 2019: Trip Notes # 14

Europe 2019: Trip Notes # 14 

Our last few days were filled with many wonderful experiences:
We had an opportunity to visit a local Norwegian home. Waffles, jam, elderberry wine - all homemade - were served as part of her welcoming. She made this costume for her wedding.

                    Master bedroom is shared with a grandchild.
                                             Tight Quarters

This statue was recently designed to recognize Joachim Ronneberg's heroics. He led a team that was successful in destroying the Nazi's "Heavy Water" factory. Had the mission failed, the Nazis might have had an atomic bomb. A movie was made about this raid. Joachim recently passed away. 

 Old pictures were mounted on the wall of a pedestrian tunnel. 
                                             Lots Of Fish

           It Was Difficult To Choose Old Photos For The Blog 
                      There Were Too Many Great Pictures 
Many Upscale Homes In Norway

Can't Beat The Fisherman's Setting

Jerry Peaked Behind A Home And Found Fish Being Dried For Snacks

Bergen Is a Picturesque Town

It's Almost Like A Disneyland Set

Beautiful Buildings

Business Dock Area Is Also Quite Pretty

                                         Many Boat Owners 

                             Norway's Naval Training Ship
           This "Tall Ship" Participated In Last Month's Festivities. 
          80 Other Countries Sailed Their "Tall Ships" To Bergen

           Strange Name For A Ship. Is It Bourbon Or Is It Gin?

This is our third trip to Bergen. One of the trips was in 2011
We Ordered Pizza At This Restaurant (2011) For Our Daughter (Heather) And Her Family. Food And Drinks For The Six Of Us Was Around $200. Ouch! Norway Is Expensive.

            Walking Through The Fish Market Is Always Fun

Jerry Met A Chinese Vendor Who Considers Himself Russian.
Why? The Vendor Was Born In Eastern Russia Where China And Mongolia Meet Russia. The Vendor Considers His "Nationality" (First) Over His Asian Heritage.

       All Types Of Fish And Shell Fish Are Available Including.

                             Deep Sea Monsters

                            This Is A Sea Wolf (or Wolf Fish)
                             This Guy Needed Some Dental Work 

All types of local food are available.
A Little Spicy But Still Tasty 

The Pan Is About Two Feet Across

Good For Knees, Heart And Brain 

When Does The Party Begin? 

Is This Food More For The Locals Or The Tourists?

How About A "Hot Dog?"

Want Whale?
"Beef" With A Fishy After Taste 

Love The Packaging

Another Great Looking Manhole 

                      Enough Resting - It's Time To Shop 

Unique Art Pieces 

A Little Touristy 

Trolls Are Ugly Night Critters

This Troll Is Sleeping 

 Bergen Museum Does A Great Job Telling About The Norwegian Military And Its History

We left an organized walking tour and checked out the local fair 
Pancakes And Waffles (With Jam and Cream)To Norwegians is Like Hamburgers And Hot Dogs To Us

               Guess What Company Is Providing These Toy Tractors? 

                              Arlene Is Surprised By A Llama And Donkey 

                                                                         Anyone For Goat? 

                                                  How About Some Olives?  

  Play Areas Are Throughout The Country 

An Unexpected Fun Afternoon - Sampling Local Cheeses, Meats And Other Types Of Food. Talking To The Vendors is Always Interesting. All Of a Sudden The Sun Came Out. We had To Shed Some Layers 

Nice Designs

*                    *                  *
The Viking Ship's Service And Food Is Quite Good 

 Homemade Pasta and Fantastic Bread - Grain Comes from France

Dessert Plates Ready To Go

                 "Chocolate Night" Was Too Much - Yes, We Gorged!

                         How About A Chocolate Martini

                             *                    *                  *

                                                   It's Time For Some Culture 

                                               Piano Concert - Great Location

                                     *                    *                  *
Stave - A Medieval Wooden Church
Put Together Like A Lego Set 

Considering The Era And The Archaic Hand Tools, It's "Hats Off" To The People That Built These Churches

*                    *                  *
Our cruise ship's art is quite good. The following is quite interesting.

                               How Was This Artwork Made?

It's Crocheted 
*                    *                  *
Getting to the Bergen Airport on a public transit bus was a definite "Plus." We had an opportunity to see other parts of the city as well as speak with the driver. He drives part time "for fun" (and perhaps to make a few extra Kroners). He is a logistics manager that ships fish to other parts of the world. While driving, he became a tour guide for us.

We Saw Different Parts Of The City Than What Was Presented By The Ship's Tours

We knew that Norway is going "Green." It turns out that the Tesla is the most popular car. Half of the electric cars are Tesla. It costs about $60,000 in Norway. A Leaf or other electric cars cost around $40,000. Given that consumers of electric cars do not pay sales and import taxes (along with other incentives), the Tesla is the "go to" car.

*                    *                  *
Going through the Bergen airport was an interesting experience.

Arlene gets a pat down by a male officer. 

 We have to generate our own luggage tags and boarding passes

Next Steps Are To Scan The Luggage Tags And Put Our Luggage  On The Conveyor Belt. There Are No Agents To Help.

Self-Scanning Our Boarding Pass Gets Us Through One Of The Security locations

Last Step Is To Evaluate The Process

The Bergen Airport (Outside And In) Is Unbelievable. Great building designs. Gourmet eateries and upscale shops. 

Minimalist Furniture Throughout The Airport 

Where's The Cork 

                                     Play Area For Children 

                 Strollers For The "Little Ones" 

Window Design Reflected Onto The Floor 

*                  *                    *
Jerry Loves The Paris Sheraton Airport Hotel
He Can Watch Planes From The Hotel Bed And At The Lounge

Paris' Cathay Pacific Lounge - Our Traditional Congee (Rice Cereal) And Pho (The Noodle Dish)

Paris Duty Free - Jerry Tastes And Buys  

                                *                  *                    *
There are the usual pros and cons about traveling on our own vs. taking a guided tour. If we drive on our own, it's possible to stop whenever we want. Sometimes, there is the unexpected! Or, the easy way is to book a cruise and tour on a bus.

When driving on our own, at times roundabouts can be tricky. GPS devices can often give wrong directions. Sometimes, one of us will say "Turn Right" while someone else may call out, "Go Straight!" Typically, the devices will not know about road repair. Jerry once followed the GPS directions and turned left - onto the trolley tracks. 

However, overall, the driving part of the trip went well. Cruising is always fun. We're not sure about it being truly relaxing. We're always up by 6:30 AM - ready to go and hitting the pillow by midnight.
"Sea Days" Do Give Us a Chance To Recharge Our Batteries

Our LAX landing was a bit strange. At the last moment, the pilot aborted the landing and climbed back up. The pilot said that another plane had not cleared the runway.

In any event, we're safe, we're home and best of all, "Our Bags Are Packed And We're Ready To Go!" 

On To The Next Adventure And More Manholes