Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Nashville - Memphis 2019: # 7

Nashville - Memphis 2019: # 7


Blues And Soul Music Is Quite Different From Country & Western 

 "BB" Stands For "Blues Boy" Or Beale Street Boy  

 Hand Painted Table Top (BB's Restaurant) 

All Directions -
Color And Music

We Love The Neon Signs!

 Historic/Iconic Institution 

 Many Famous Artists Have Their Own Bars, Restaurants And/Or Museums

 Heavy Police Presence At Either End Of Beale Street And At Intersections
Easily > 20 Police Cars In Area 3-4 Blocks Long
If Beale Street Could Talk!!!! 

 Posters/Ads Pasted On Wall Outside Of Bar Wall 

Guess Who?
Statue At Park Near Beale Street 
*                    *                    *

 Equally Famous As "Studio "B" 

Recording Studio Continues To Operate 


Ten Cents For A Pepsi? What A Deal! 

                              Back-Up Instruments Always Important
Luke Bryan's Guitar Cable Had Electrical Short During Opry Concert 

Iconic Photo - Name All Four Musicians
            Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Elvis And Johnny Cash 

*                    *                    *

Why Showing Attractions, Exhibits and Shopping?

 Each Venue Had Its Own Retail Store Tied Into The Specific Exhibit                            Graceland Was Overwhelming 
We Could Not Finish Everything With The Allotted Tour Time 

*                    *                    *

Some of Graceland's Rooms 
 Living Room Area 

 Home Entrance Area 

 Dining Room 
  Pool Room 

 Den Area  

  Elvis Was Honorary Police O fficer For Many Agencies 

                                     Elvis Liked Guns 

Elvis Had Too Much Money - Not Enough Good advise - Purchased and Customized Cars, Planes, Boats, Motorcycles, Etc.

Why Did Elvis Have High Collars? 

Elvis Would Sweat A Lot - Get A Rash - 
                Thus, The High Collars To Ease The Discomfort

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Nashville - Memphis 2019: # 6

Nashville - Memphis 2019: # 6 

Here's A Last Look At Nashville 
Foot Controls For A Guitar Player 

  One Of The More Famous Spots 

Choose Your Weapon - Choose Your BBQ Sauce 

Look Closely At The White Pieces Of Paper 
Torn Up Sheets Of Music 

Old Fashion Fire Escape 

*                   *                     *
Time For The Grand Ole Opry! 

Looking Forward To Some County Music

Check Out The Guitar Lighting Fixture 

Rehearsal For Evening Performance

Musicians Taking A Break

Guest Performers 

Behind The Scene

Some Grand Ole Opry Inductees 

It's Possible To Send Mail To Members
Letters Will Arrive Even If Envelope Only Indicates Grand Ole Opry 

Guitar Belongs To Dotty Parson 

Old Harmonicas 

One Of Many Dressing Rooms 

Opry Artwork 

Several Years Ago The Mississippi Flooded
Water was 40 Feet Above Normal Level
FYI - Opry Is Inland
Notice The Black Strip - It Indicates Water Level In Building 

 Backup Instruments - Just In Case 

Local Beer 

*                   *                     *
Let The (Live) Show Begin! 
Pink Hue Is Part Of Breast Cancer Awareness Program 

Recovering From Breast Cancer Treatment 

Oak Ridge Boys 

We Were Lucky To See Luke Bryan Awarded Decade Album
Emotional Experience 

Lady Antebellum and Clint Black Awarded Plaque
Music Walk Of Fame
Black Was So Humble For The Award And Fame
Played A Harmonica Piece To Conclude Ceremony

*                   *                     *
Time To Say "Goodnight" to Nashville 

Downtown Bridge Reflection 

Pedestrian Bridge 

Nashville At Night 

One Of Many Trashcans Following Titan-Chargers NFL Football Game 

Last Walk On Broadway 

As We Drive Out of Nashville...
There Is Construction - In All Directions
Nashville - 2nd Largest Growth/Development In USA
On To Memphis 

*                   *                     *

Belle Meade Plantation
                  Known For Horse Racing Post Civil War And Onward
    Today's Champion Horses Trace  Lineage To Belle Meade Horses 

 Why Not?  

Local Wine Is Produced Sweet, Sweeter And Sweetest

 Belle Meade Has A Large Collection Of Buggies, Sleds And Other Items

*                   *                     * 
Surprise Find: 
Tina Turner Museum - Middle Of Nowhere Where She Went To School

Another Surprise 

500 Pounds Of Cotton

Nearby Cotton Fields 

Guess What? It Feels Like Cotton!!! 

One More Surprise - 

Post Civil War One Room School Room
Two New Students 


Early 1900's Home 

 Cigar Box Guitar

 On To Memphis