Saturday, October 26, 2019

Nashville - Memphis 2019: # 5

Nashville - Memphis 2019: # 5

Perceptions / Observations: 
  • Y'all is used more than once in a sentence: Y'all, y'all come back..."
  • "Bye" as in "Good-bye is pronounced "Baaa."
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner - pork, pork and pork
  • Food is not salty - a great deal of sugar is used
  • Churches, churches and churches (400 in Nashville)
  • People are exceptionally polite - "Yes sir, Yes mam" etc.
  • Dry rubbed ribs - excellent
  • Gas - a few weeks ago, gas was < $2.00/gal. Today, it is about $2.29/gal
  • Country and Western, Blues and Soul - everywhere we go. Nashville emphasizes "C&W" while Memphis is more "Blues" oriented.
  • Plaid clothing, cowboy boots and cowboy hats
  • Grits and shrimp a favorite here
  • Construction, construction, construction: # 2 in USA
  • Mac and Cheese - with everything
  • Pork shoulder
  • Very friendly
  • Catfish  served
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Time For Some Music History 

Late 1920's Talky Film Of Famous Musicians

Trick Roping In Time With Music 

Presentation Is More Sophisticated 

Roy Rogers: "Happy Trails Again Until We Meet Again" 

Cowboys Sing And Act

Does Anyone Remember Tex Ritter?

Song Writing 

Costumes (Very Expensive To Design And Make) 


Fancy And Expensive



Items To Buy  

Plaids Are In - Actually, Plaids Have Always Been In 


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