Sunday, October 20, 2019

Nashville - Memphis: 2019 # 1

Nashville-Memphis 2019 # 1

It was time to try a different experience. We decided to try a Roads Scholar Tour to Tennessee. Several of our friends will be joining us.

As soon as we got off the plane, it was clear to us that "County" and "Music" would be a salient experience. 

 Showcase With Guitars Near Baggage Area 

 Waiting For Luggage in a rocking chair

 Restaurant/Bar Area At Hotel 

 This Is Not Your Typical Control Box For Street Lights And Signals
Music Is Piped Out From An Embedded Speaker System
Depending On The Street Corner, Pedestrians Will Hear Classical, County/Western And Jazz 

 Statue In Front Of Nashville's Symphony Music Center 

 Music Center's Bike Rack: Check Out The Musical Notes

Party On Wheels 

Party Folks Need To Peddle For Their Booze 

 Our Hotel Is Near This Famous Institution 

 Nashville Has Wonderful Building Designs 

*                  *                 *
Music Walk Of Fame 

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