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Nashville - Memphis 2019 # 4

Nashville - Memphis 2019: # 4

Frist Art Museum - 

The Frist is a wonderful museum - located in an older building, great Art Deco architecture - was the central post office, now the post office is located in the lower level. 

There were three great exhibits + introduction of lesser known artists as well as a hands-on "creative art area" for children and adults.

*                 *                  *    
Native American Women Artists producing work from the 1830's to the present. 

*                 *                  *    

Osgemeds - Portuguese for "the twins" - professional name of Brazilian artists / twin brothers Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo
(They Were Known For Their Graffiti Art)

*                 *                  *    

Eric Carle 

Most people will not know Eric Carle. Most people know Google. But, who is Eric Carle? 

Museum Floor:  

Museum WOODEN floor is made from logs cut vertically and laid in square sections rather than cut/sliced and placed horizontally as in a "normal" wooden floor. This process had to be costly and time consuming. 

*                 *                  *    

More Interesting Signs 

*                 *                  *    
Ryman Auditorium Was The Original Location Of The Grand Ole Opry. Venue Also Presented Opera, Large Orchestras, Ballet, Comics, Plays And Other Forms Of Entertainment. 

Ryman Was A River Captain, Businessman, Supporter Of Religion As Well As The Arts 


Inside Auditorium
Setting Up For An Evening Concert 

New County And Western Artists

Song: "I'll Always Love You Forever" 

Minnie Pearl Says, "Howwwdy!" 

*                 *                  *  

Historical Hotel Evolved From Train Station 

Hotel Entrance 

Looking Up At Hotel Floors And Railings 

Inside Hotel

*                 *                  *   
RCA Will Transition To Famous Studio B 

A Few Famous Artists...

Everly Brothers 

Who Is This Artist? 

It's Roy Without His Signature Dark Glasses 

 Who Is The Blond? It's Peter Wagoner And 

Dolly Parton 

                         *                 *                  *   

*                 *                  *   
The Below Chart Is VERY Important for musicians
Many Artists Do NOT know how to read music
This numerical formula (fret fingering) was devised for guitar players 

                              *                 *                  *   
Check Out Willie...

The Famous Studio B Recording Studio 
Elvis Records His "Are You Lonesome Tonight" With All Of The Studio Lights Turned OFF!
The Song Was Played For Us With Lights Turned Off - Very Moving!

Nearby Production Company 

*                 *                  *   
Centennial Park 

4000 Pound Globe Spins On Top Of 2" Of Water
Great Park - Very Interesting Approach To Tennessee History

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