Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Nashville - Memphis 2019: # 3

Nashville - Memphis 2019 # 3

The Parthenon

Exact Replica Of Greece's Parthenon
Built For Nashville Centennial - Currently An Art Museum 

  Painted By Student Artist 

Contemporary Artist - Nice Feel 

 Nice Winter Scene 

Second Floor Statue of Athena
Huge Size 

Shield Is About Six Feet Wide 

Statue Is Larger Than Door 

Park Demonstration Against Slavery
No One Spoke  

Parthenon Park Offers Pretty Setting For Picnics

 Women's Suffrage Statue

*                    *                  *
It's Time To Check Out Civil War Sites 

Fort Negley Ruins 

Very Little Left Of Fort
Most Stone And Wood Used For Other Purposes 

Fort Built On Top Of Hill Overlooking Town And River
Strategic Position For Union Forces

Guess Who?
President Lincoln Recites New Proclamation  - Not Yet Signed Off
Subject Deals With The Bible (Religion), The Need For All Peoples To Live And Work Together In Harmony.

President Lincoln Also Thanked Me For California's War Support
We Were Offered Some Stew Cooking On A Nearby Fire 

*                   *                  *
Lunch At Franklin - Nearby Town 
 Restaurant In Old Drug Store

                                  There Is A Real Sense of "Oldness."

  Peeling Paint Adds To The Ambiance 

                        Local Beer 

 Another Cute Sign 

Parking Spaces Are Typically This Size 

Art In Back Of Hotel Reception Counter 

*                    *                   *
More Nightlife: Music And Dance 

 Notice How Close Audience Is To Band 

 Fun And Excitement  

*                   *                  *
Quiet Time In The Country - Visiting The Hermitage 

Ilene And Sonia Join Our Group 

Kitchen Area 

Guest Room 

Dining Room
Dinner Served Around 3:00 PM - Light From Sun And Candles. Why?
No Electricity 
Typical Staple: Pork, Pork And More Pork  

Slave Quarters 

Why Guns? 

Re-enactment Of A Duel
Men Would Try To Minimize Target By Standing Sideways
Placing Arm In Front Of Vital Organs May Minimize Serious Injury 

 Jackson And Rachel (Wife) Burial Area 

*                   *                     *

  Another Great Sign 

Many People Line Up To Take Their Picture In Front Of Wall Mural 

 Girls Tour Nashville In A Rented "What-cha-ma-call-it

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