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South America 2019: Trip Notes # 8

South America 2019: Trip Notes # 8February 10

Someone sent the wrong memo. 

We came back to our cabin and found a piece of rich chocolate cake and a bottle of champagne. There was a "Happy Anniversary" message waiting for us.
The following evening, on our bed was another congratulatory message. Our anniversary is not until July.

Friday night was special - Arlene and Lynn helped lead the services. 
Food has been particularly good, presentation is over the top and service up to par.
This cruise offered a backstage tour. Auditions and practice followed by a lengthy contract adds up to close to a year's commitment. One of the costumes cost $40,000 to design and produce. 

The ship came up with a novel way to clean the costumes: 1/2 vodka, 1/2 water, spray and then let dry.   Men's coutume room below.
Women wear body suits underneath the costumes so that men can help them with quick changes. New technology is such that the lighting is being converted to LED's. Complicated set changes will call for other staff to help. The shows are much like what we would see in Las Vegas or New York.  
Dinner jackets are no longer required.
It's always fun to dress up a bit.
Our friends, Artie and Lynn (Our Cruse Partners)
*                   *                    * 
Looking forward to another great day. We were on our way to see penguins. 
Tour Buses Were Comfortable

Our guide mentioned that a dinosaur bone was recently found in the desert. The local town decided to construct a model of the actual size of the animal. (We are NOT on the way to palm Springs).
The highway soon turned into  gravel and a dusty road. With temperatures estimated to reach 105 F, we had plenty of water with us, just in case. 
On the way, we were very luck to spot some llama-like animals.
It took three hours on a bus to reach the penguins.

Yes, If They Wished, They will Walk Right Up To The Visitors 

Singing A "Welcoming" Duet  or cooling themselves from the heat.

  Magellan Penguins: Make Their Home By Burrowing Into the Ground 

Home Is Made - Looking For A Mate
Penguin Relationships Lasts 30 years 

This Picture Attempts To Show The Very long Distance  (approximately 1 Mile) The Penguins Must Travel (Waddle) To Reach The Ocean In Order To Feed. Also, There Is A Very High Bluff In Which The Penguins Must Navigate In Order To Reach The Water.  

                                                 A Baby Chick
                                                 "Happy Feet" 

                                                    "Where Is Everybody?"

                                         "Come on over.  We're All At The Beach!"

Building Up Our Energy For The Three Hour Bus Ride Back To The Ship
This Is The Area Where We Saw thousands of Penguins

                            Thanks For Coming. See Ya Again Real Soon!

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