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South America 2019: Trip Notes # 12

South America 2019: Trip Notes # 12

The extreme weather of Patagonia is behind us. We are now in Chile's "Lake District." Moving north and with expected temperatures in the 70's and 80's. We were surprised to find we actually needed to start the day with our thermal underwear, multiple layers, fleece and jackets. It was still cold outside that morning.

Early Morning Docking with the help of a large tug.

However, by noon, the cold weather vanished, it was (easily) 85 degrees and we were roasting. Fortunately, we found a public restroom where we could remove the cold-weather clothes.
 Lake District and Patagonia "Fight" Over What Is Actually The "Home Port."

One Of The Beautiful And Cold Lakes

Local Art

The volcano in the background is not Mt. Fuji. It happens to be a volcano offering a great panorama view of the country side as well as an opportunity to ski almost year round.

One of our tours took us to a picturesque canyon area.

Small waterfalls, colorful water caused by minerals and an alpine feel provided an experience quite different from cruising on the ocean.  

OSHA Does Not Exist In This Area - No Safety Railing
There Is About A 4 to 5 Foot Drop From An Upper Path

We walked around the small town of Porto Arenas. If we did not hear the Spanish nor see the Chilean license plates, we could have easily been in a Swiss or German alpine village. In fact, much of the architecture used for homes and buildings has that "German-Swiss feel" due to past German immigration. 

Visitors Center 

Chile is part of the famous (or infamous) "ring of fire." Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are common. 
Without Warning, This Volcano Erupted In 2015 

 The Entire Countryside Is Covered With Small Volcanic Pebbles And Rock

Look What We Found

Container Truck Carrying Small Salmon To Be Put Into Ocean Fish Farms

Cell Sites Everywhere - Everyone Uses A Mobile Phone

We Gave Each Other Valentine Cards

Left Foot Continues To Be Painful And Swollen

Went To Valparaiso

Our day in Valparaiso was so-so. The tour was not well orchestrated. It was almost a waste of time. Jerry could have done a much better job explaining things. The tour was critiqued with the ship - perhaps, future tours to this area will improve.

Valparaiso's Poor Part Of Town

Valparaiso Funicular - One Of Many In Town

Many Brochures Tout The Pretty Colored Homes
The Pictures Leave Out The Drab-Looking Ones

Local Street Art

Town Center - Typical Building Architecture

Unlimited Chilean Wines

*                   *                   *

Many rundown homes were scattered throughout the countryside
*                    *                   *
Recent discoveries in caves indicate that "sophisticated man" lived 14,000-15,000 years ago in South America
It turns out that these markings are exactly the same as Celtic markings
How Did This Happen? 

Jerry Loves To Give PMI "Frisbee Gifts" When We Travel
He Tossed This Frisbee To A Seaman Working On This Tanker
It Was "Thumbs Up" And A Big Smile From The Seaman

We helped Artie celebrate his 70th birthday. 

A gift from us. Artie loves colorful socks. 

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