Monday, February 18, 2019

South America 2019: Trip Notes # 11

South America 2019: Trip Notes # 11

The things we do to take a tour! 

This is NOT night time. We had to be up at 5:30 AM, dressed, have breakfast and get ready to take a 7:00 AM tender to our next destination. 

Where Is Everyone? 

                         The Sun Is Just Beginning To Rise
6:15 AM - Awake? Sort Of...

Small harbor, lots of fishing boats, many fish farms and few inhabitants

Salmon Fish Farms: Sockeye and Coho are Typical Types 
Chile Is # 2 In World Behind Norway
Some of Chile's Fish Farms Are Owned/Operated By Norway

Chacabuco sounds exactly like it is spelled: Cha-ca-bu-co 

A Little Entertainment Before Taking a Bus To Our Destination 

On The Way To a Private Reserve 

We were fortunate to have a small group experience in Patagonia- a easy walk through a rain forest - guided by a naturalist - with a goal of reaching a waterfall. 

 Rhubarb-type Plant - Edible "As Is" 

              The Forest Was "Alive" With Wonderful And Exotic Bird Calls 

A Tree Branch Washed Down From Further Up The Stream - Looks Like A Cow
 A Quiet Time To Be Together

Just Beautiful - A Serene Moment

Another Great Moment!

Another surprise was waiting for us after our walk through the rain forest.

The tour ended with "all we could drink" (vodka, wine or juice) at 9:30 AM with "snacks" that actually was a full meal of delicious homemade Empanadas, bites of cheese covered with interesting spices and a homemade desert.

 You Know I Don't Drink Before 10:00 AM!
What? You Want Me To Hurry and Finish The Vodka? What? You Want Me To Try The Different Whites, Rose's,The Pinot's And The Cabs? What?????

Lots Of Ambiance

 More Entertainment

Time To Reflect

More Glaciers

The afternoon was spent on our cabin's veranda - Taking in the beautiful scenery. 

Getting Ready For Dinner

Ambiance - Friends - Gourmet Dinner - What Could Be Better!

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