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South America 2019: Trip Notes # 4

South America 2019: Trip Notes # 4

A new day - a new experience.

We headed off to a far side of Sao Paulo - to the Municipal Market. 
On the way, we had an opportunity to see city contrasts.
Beautiful Foliage On A Building
Graffiti On Most Buildings 

We have been to many of these markets throughout the world. In a sense, they are all the same - many vendors typically selling meats and fish, fruits and vegetables and many other items.

This market was very different. Yes, it was huge! 

                          There Is Another Large Market Complex Behind Us

We have never seen such a clean, bug free, no smell market. 

There was not a hint of fish odor. Spice fragrances permeated the spice stalls. Spices and other items that could spoil - were covered or kept in containers.

Meats were beautifully presented.

 All of the food items were staged/presently - perfectly. We got the feeling that the vendors had a lot of pride about their stalls and the items they were selling.

Customers call in orders. Each man below has a phone - ready to take orders for the various cuts of meat.

The building is decorated with stain glass windows

We looked, we tasted and we bought some great appetizers for dinner.
Mushrooms In A Mustard Sauce
The market is well known for serving very large sandwiches.

*                 *                 *
Next stop: We headed off to the (real and historical) center of old Sao Paulo. This area was similar to downtown Los Angeles - old and new office buildings, civil and federal courts, many stores selling low-end items, professionals mixed with homeless (some of which were sleeping on the sidewalks) as well as political and religious figures "yelling out" to anyone that would listen to their message.. It was quite a show.

 Locals Rent Chairs To Relax And Watch The World Go By

 There is a strong police presence throughout the entire city. It appears that there are different police groups: Civil, Municipal, Military and entities with no uniforms.

The most remarkable situation occurred. A little girl got away from her mother and ran up to the policemen. The girl wanted to get a hug from each policeman. This incident was real and special! We just happened to be at the right place and the right time to capture the moment.

Naturally, we checked out the cathedral. 
 Inside: Locals Prayed. Tourists Took Pictures. Homeless Slept

The center of this historical area is the main Cathedral and a plaza where Sao Paulo was originally founded in the 1560's.
Museum Showing Argentina Life Years Ago

*                   *                  *

Using Uber was difficult in this area. One way streets and lots of traffic congestion called for us to meet the Uber driver in a nearby area. Big problem. Without understanding Portuguese (and with the driver not texting in English), we ended up taking a taxi for one segment.

We must say: There is a keen sense of friendliness in Sao Paolo. Everyone tries to help. Everyone is very (and formally) polite. People seem to be relaxed and doing their thing even though the political and economic situation is not good.

We went for a long (late) afternoon walk. We knew that the apartment (actually a condo) is in a good location. We did not know (according to a real estate broker) that the apartment is located in (perhaps) the best area of Sao Paulo. He commented that it was "...not quite as good as Beverly Hills but..." (Cute!) 
 Want To Buy A Condo? 

 One Or Two Bedrooms? 

Million Dollar Condos

 Anyone For A Bike Ride?
Homemade Fruit Bars? 

                        Trash Containers. Do They Keep The Bears Out?

We are in a nice apartment/condo complex. However, there is no comparison (at least from the outside) to the fancy condos, upscale boutique restaurants and the (much) larger guard houses and security gates a few blocks away.

*               *               *

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