Friday, February 5, 2016

Asia Bog # 13

January 29, 2016

Gangnam Style (as in the famous song)

The Intercontinental COEX (Korea Exhibition) is located in the Gangnam area of Seoul. We're staying in a large three hotel-convention, conference complex with a hi-end department store.

Convention/conference reception area

                                 Multi-level convention center

During the three-day trade show, we went "underground" (food courts) so to speak to a huge mall complex. It is so big (like a maze) that even after three days (and with signage and the locals helping) we still got lost. The underground stores and restaurants in Canada does not compare in size or complexity with this place.

                              Great French bakery

Besides several hundred stores and restaurants, there is a metro stop, a large movie/entertainment complex and an aquarium - all underground!

Many food stalls - all serving varieties of Asian food


More Yum

Hyundai (as in car) has a gigantic, multi-level (very high-end) designer clothes department store. It was amazing to see "20 and 30 something" locals pour into this place - many of which were buying merchandise...Gucci, Versace, Chanel, Armani, Dior, etc. 

Several French pastry shops were selling gourmet sandwiches as well as freshly baked, light and fluffy desserts.

Just out of the oven - filled with a custard

Lunch one day comprised of a "hot pot" (lots of goodies) + many sides

We needed chopsticks:

Who knew that the chopsticks were "hidden" in a drawer underneath the table? By the way, Korean restaurants tend to provide metal and fancy wooden chopsticks contrasting to the inexpensive, pull apart wooden chopsticks normally found in China or Japan.    

On our way back to the trade show, we came across some cute children 

Even "the elderly" can use a cell phone

More later...

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