Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Asia Blog # 9

January 26, 2016

Because of weather constraints, we spent some quiet time in the hotel - both in our room and the lounge. Talking to the staff is always interesting. Sometimes we have things in common. One of the lounge managers is Malaysian. We had a lot to discuss. Sharing stories was fun as well as enjoying each other's company.

Lounge prepares watermelon with a finger grip

At times, it was hard to leave our room. Many of the buildings are lit up at night. Elaborate and very sophisticated lighting techniques is truly something to experience.

Sunset time in Shanghai

Building outside our room

River cruise boats are lit up for sight seeing and parties

Looking out at the Bund area

This is actually night time. There is so much light that it looks like daytime.

Another evening look at Shanghai
*                     *                    *                    *
Time to head off to Seoul, Korea. Jerry has a variety of meetings scheduled as well he wanted to "walk" a Semiconductor trade show.

Lots of people!

Pudong (Shanghai) airport. Most China airports have interesting designs. It wasn't until we were getting ready to board the plane did we realize how many young people (20's to 30's), dressed in fancy clothes- some of which were fur. Jerry quickly shot a few pictures as we headed to our gate to Seoul.

       Getting ready to board

                   Airport widow cleaning day

More later...

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