Monday, February 1, 2016

Asia Blog: # 7

January 25, 2016


As we disembarked from our plane, the airport gate staff greeted us with salutes and bowing. On the way to the baggage area, we encountered some strange looking travelers.

International airport - Intergalactic travelers

Luggage arrived at the carousel before we did. (Another large airport). A hotel car (with WiFi) picked us up and whisked us to the Shangri-la Hotel on the Pudong side of Shanghai. During the one hour ride, we were able to check e-mails, make a few phone calls and admire the continual skyline changes. 

A hostess met us at the hotel curbside and within minutes we were in our hotel room looking out at barges on the Huangpu River.

Then, we looked further across the river to the Bund on the Puxi side of Shanghai.

What a view! It actually rivals looking out from hotels in Kowloon, Hong Kong and Singapore.

With our Golden Circle membership, we were upgraded to the Horizon Club level which provides food, drinks and snacks almost 24/7.

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After another early morning departure, we finally got settled by late afternoon.

Snow in the Shanghai morning and very cold weather in the afternoon was an invitation to check out the "Super Mall" next to the hotel. The building design, use of space and the elevator process used to move shoppers one level to another was amazing to see. Stores, restaurants and other types of activities were inviting.

A play area for children

Needle point in a storefront

The "Men's Department"

The mall is getting ready for Chinese New Year

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Near the hotel reception counter is a large area where guests can have drinks and light snacks. A large picture window provides great views of the Bund area. The ambiance is certainly enhanced  with music played by a string quartet.

For those that have not been to China, "The Bund" is a historical district facing the river. Years ago, these buildings housed office buildings, banks, warehouses, etc. A large walkway from one end to the other provides an opportunity for strolling, sight seeing and taking a river cruise.

Arlene wearing a warm coat purchased from Nanjing store

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