Friday, February 5, 2016

Asia Bog # 11

January 28, 2016


Our arrival was one day before meetings were to start and the semiconductor convention. We felt that coming one day early would give us an opportunity to rest.

Bundled up, we did walk across the street to check out a 1000-year old Buddhist temple.

One of the temple buildings

Unexpectedly, the snowing stopped, the sun came out and it was time to further explore the Buddhist temple.

There was some sort of religious holiday going on as many people were coming to the temple, praying and then leaving. There might have been a hundred people at any one time scattered throughout the temple grounds.

The entrance

Classic Buddhist Temple Decorations
Steps leading to an alter for prayers and lighting candles

There was a continual flow of people to this part of the temple

Typical wall painting

It's a bit chilly!

Buddhist nuns and monks were praying inside. Ancient scripture and books were being used. We were not allowed inside to get a closer look. However, we found another building where Seoul's Buddhist "Woman's auxiliary" was preparing good wishes for the coming new year. 

With shoes off, entering through old, wooden sliding doors, Arlene was invited to help out.

Arlene is learning how to apply a red stamp (seal).

After a few tries, she did it!

Happy New Year!

We found personal or good luck messages written on roof tiles

Every morning at 4:30 AM and at 5:30 PM, this bell (and others) were rung. Even from our room, we heard the "gonging."

 A quiet time...

More later...

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