Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Jerry & Arlene's Anniversary - Sun River # 3

Jerry and Arlene's 50th Anniversary
Sun River, Oregon
July 2019

# 3

Everyday has been an outdoor experience:

Our Destination

Our Group Begins The Hike


Exploring River Bed

Many Switchbacks

Natural Beauty 

Fun Times 

Mountain Goats And Cave Dweller 

Picture Within A Picture 

You Mean We Have To Start Climbing? 

Who Needs Ropes?

Tan Anyone? It's A High Of 65 Degrees! 

Uber Man

Reached The Top 

Magnificent View

Picnic Time 

End Of Day

Stopped At Local Brewery 

Tossing The Bean Bag 

Deschutes River: Across From Brewery

Great Tasting Lager!

Kids Got Second Wind 

A New Game: Hammock Pushing  

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