Friday, July 5, 2019

Jerry & Arlene's 50th Anniversary - Sun River # 4

Jerry and Arlene's 50th Anniversary
Sun River, Oregon 
July 2019
# 4

Today's Schedule Is Hiking To A Lake, Fishing And Checking Out A Nearby River: 

 Kid's Stuff

Hike Begins 

Trek Began With Mishaps: Trips And Falls 

 Snacks Are Important

 A Little Chilly


                                                     Kings Of The Mountain 

        Ladies Of The Lake 
                                         Mr. Hollywood ---->


                           What? Is That So!           

                   Snack Time                               
                                               Boy Cousins Enjoying Pretty Lake

On To Fly Fishing

Fisher Folks! 

 Hayden And Logan Thinking About Freezing Water

Heather Catches Fish

Jaida Gets a Fish

  Jaida Has It Under Control 

Cool Mike 

 Jaida And Hayden Relax After Fishing

Jon Composes And Sings 

Shira Relaxes

After Dinner Stroll To See The Sunset

 Pretty River Sunset 

Day's End 

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