Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Jerry & Arlene's 50th Anniversary - Sun River # 2

Jerry and Arlene's 50th Anniversary
Sun River, Oregon
July 2019


Some of you may remember the movie, "7 Brides For 7 Brothers

We have 7 bedrooms and 7 baths + couches that make into beds. With Hayden's friend (Logan), there are 18 of us! 
 Our food bill to start the week was over $1600! 

Lots Of Outdoor Activities 

                               How About A Game Of Tag? 

                                                   Golf ?

Biking Anyone?
House Comes With 20 Bikes - More Than Enough!

Plenty Of Indoor Games 

Jerry And Jon Discuss Music Composition
Jerry Listens To Jon's Creations 

Arlene Finds A Rare Moment To Read

Sharing Is Good 

                                 Many Micro-breweries

On To An Outdoor Adventure

One Of The Many Choices

Let's Visit A Volcano - Check Out The Lava Fields

Park Activities For The Kids

Anyone For A Hike
Check Out The Shuttle Bus To Get Idea About Size 

Survival - Nature Is Strong!


Cecile Pushes Lava Out Of The Way 


Time For R & R

On To Next Stop 

Rivers Everywhere

Water Looks Calm - Water Is Not Warm!

Does Anyone See Fish?

White Water!

Inhale The Fresh Air And  Pine Scent
Listen To The Leaves Rustle In The Wind 

Hitching a Ride 

 What Could Be Better? 

Love That Outdoors - Everyone Is So Relaxed


 A Friend  

Late Afternoon At Our House: Beautiful, Quiet And No One Around

 After Dinner Entertainment 
 Scott And Shira Completed a Jig-Saw - 2000 pieces

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