Monday, September 5, 2016

Europe 2016 Trip Notes # 7

The Regent Seven Seas "Explorer" is about one month old. It's interesting to see how ships are designed and to compare one cruise line to another.

This ship is a little more  Las Vegas "glitzy" than Seabourn's ships and less sleek in terms of design. 

Center Of Ship

Like most ships, there are a variety of shore tours, themed restaurants, food  available 24/7 and more on-board activities available than anyone can access.

Typical Fancy Appetizer Station

The first port of call was cancelled. This would be the only time that a tender would be required. Seas were a bit rough and the captain considered that getting on and off would be too dangerous for the passengers. So, we had an extra day at sea. This would not be a big deal since the excursion we had selected would be visiting small Portuguese villages - villages that would probably be similar to what we drove through during the previous days.

*                           *                            *                            *


Our first stop would be Seville, Spain. We had both a good and bad experience.

The town is breathtaking!  

A Walled Complex Leading To The Historical District

Beautiful, Ornate Architecture

Looking Back At The Past

Lots Of History

Old Hotel

The Seville Cathedral is magnificent!

It Was Hot - 106 Degrees

The Size of The Pillars Is Amazing!

Seville Is Well Known For Its Flamenco Dancing

The Alcazar Palace is just as magnificent as the other historical buildings.

Getting Ready To Take Walk Back Into Time

Serene Patio

Spain: Definite Moslem Influence 


  Intricate Ceiling

 Look What We Found!

 Palace Garden Area

*                    *                   *

We had a fantastic tapa lunch in an area  off the beaten path (for tourists). It was recommended by Heather, our older daughter.

Great Food!

*                    *                    *                    *

There is an old Jewish section with its winding alleyways next to the palace. 

Where Is Everyone?

We were told that it was located close to the palace in case the royal family or government officials "needed a quick loan."

 Ahh...A Little Shade! Relief From The Sun

*                   *                  *
The bad part:  

A woman lost control of her Segway and banged into Jerry. She fell down. One of Jerry's knees twisted a bit. 

Then, unrelated to the Segway incident, Jerry was pick pocketed. A zipped pants pocket was opened. In a "flash," his wallet, some money, credit cards and driver's license were gone.

He felt the zipper opening, turned but it was too late. People in a nearby restaurant saw what had happened but, most likely, were too surprised to do anything.

Jerry Took This Photo, Turned To Take Another Picture. Then, Seconds Later, It Happened! 

Jerry went to a police office - filled out some forms but there is no expectation that anything will happen. The worst issue is that we need to rent a car in France and Jerry plans on driving. We'll see what happens.

It's frightening how these unexpected and depressing situations can happen so quickly. Jerry is still dealing with the issue...

Jerry decided to inform the ship's management when we returned to the boat. It turns out that two other passengers were pick pocketed.

How did this happen? Jerry got too relaxed and did not take the necessary precautions that are so necessary when traveling.

Oh well...things could have been worse.

*                           *                            *                            *

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