Sunday, September 11, 2016

Europe 2016: Trip Notes # 9


It was a little strange for us to return to a Moslem country a few months after visiting the Arab Gulf States.  We felt that it would be interesting to retrace our steps and see (most likely obvious) changes having driven extensively throughout Morocco about 25 years ago.

Normally, these types of excursions (another Moslem country) would be spaced out. However, Morocco was part of the cruise's itinerary so, we're back...

Our first stop was Agadir which was used as a stopping off point to get to Taroudant followed by Casablanca.

Agadir is known for it's fishing industry (i.e. anchovies), actually building the fishing boats and its beautiful beaches.

The Boat's "Skeleton"

The Boat's "Skin" Is Attached

Finished Product

Morocco (and specifically Agadir) also has some "political issues." The Morocco government is sympathetic to the Syrian issue

Agadir has quite a few Syrian refugees. The Moroccan government is to be applauded by allowing the Syrians to immigrate. There is housing and some financial support. However, the support is very minimal and women are left to begging on the streets.

*                    *                   *                    *

Several villages and small towns are located between Agadir and Taroudant

 These Places Are Quite Poor Economically 

Most Streets Are Not Paved

Highway Vendors Are Common

 Tree Is Called "Argon" - Only Found In Morocco

Goats Climb Trees To Eat Leaves  

We've Seen This Phenomena Before - First Time For Other Ship's Passengers

Goat Herds Are Quite Common In The Desert

Look What We Found: Dromedaries

 On The Way ToTaroudant

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