Sunday, September 18, 2016

Europe 2016: Trip Notes # 11

In terms of trying to keep track of the time, this has been a strange trip. Just about every port we have visited required that we change our clocks backwards or forwards. An hour was lost when we reached Gibraltar. 

By the time we got to Barcelona, our i-phones were just too confused to keep up with the time changes - they just kept the time based on a previous stop.

Other than a big rock with military and strategic importance for hundreds of years, we knew very little about this place. With no expectations one way or another, Gibraltar is actually an interesting place to spend a day or two with all of the things to do and places to see.

Big Rock - Pretty Lady

For those that know Tennyson's Charge of the Light Brigade,  "...Cannons to the left of them, cannons to the right of them, cannons in front of them...", for those that like cannons, cannon balls, old types of guns and rifles and plenty of "war stuff," this is the place.

The "rock" (and other areas of the mountain) is like one large hunk of Swiss cheese. There are tunnels - everywhere! Many thousands of yards of tunnels were dug out beginning in the late 1700's and holes or openings were "punched out" so that British cannons could be aimed at the French and Spanish ships.

Tough Work!

 "Cannons To The Left Of Them, Cannons To The Right Of Them
Volley and Thundered"

*                   *                  *               * 

Most of the locals are "English" with their roots from some part of the UK. However, there are local inhabitants that may have planted their roots well before the European immigrants came to Gibraltar.

One of the hi-lites was an unexpected opportunity to say "Hello" to some of the locals.


Just as interesting is a recent find on the island - two Neanderthal heads - a mother and child. In addition, animal bones and "tools" have been discovered and are displayed in a great (small) local museum. There is also short movie at the museum showing how a Swiss team took the heads and generated two complete wax bodies - amazing!

The town's streets are almost two narrow to navigate in cars which make for an interesting process for those that need to drive some place.

*                 *                    *

Sadly, the cruise has come to and end. There were a few "hick-ups." We were on a boat that had only been in the water for about 45 days and some of the "kinks" have to be worked out. However, over all, we had a very good time. We met some interesting passengers - some of which, we will stay in touch. We visited some interesting sites and we "gorged" on some very good food.

Arlene Pours Tea During Moroccan Theme Dinner

Gourmet Time For The Two Of Us 

Dancing: Bad hip And all, Arlene "Shakes A Leg"

A Happy Moment

Fabulous Deserts 

We Can't Wait Until Our Next Cruise

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