Friday, November 1, 2019

Nashville - Memphis 2019: # 8

Nasville - Memphis 2019: # 8 

A Solemn Part Of Our Touring 
  Martin Luther King Assassinated At Lorraine Motel
Lorraine Was Purchased And Turned Into An Excellent Museum 

 One Of Two Motel Bedrooms Used By King

Everything Left Intact As It Was When He Was Killed 

Building Across From Lorraine Purchased - Now Part Of Museum

James Earl Ray Shot King From This Vantage Point - He Used This Rifle

James Earl Ray Had Several Aliases 

Museum Entrance Has Large Metal Sculpture

Sculpture Is Shaped Like USA - Figures Are Climbing To A Mountain Positioned In Northeast Part Of USA - Very Moving - Excellent Perspective Of What Was And Is Happening 

 Both Gandhi And King Stressed Non-violent/Peaceful Protests 

 Excellent Exhibits Dealing With Slavery And Contemporary Issues 


Freedom Riders Bus 

 Fire Bombed 

 Unhappy Times - Many Issues Remain Unresolved 

Social/Cultural Study Using Dolls 

Black Children Related More To White Dolls - Big Problem! 

These Dolls Were Used As Part Of A Socio-Cultural Experiment

Object Was To Determine Which Dolls Black Children Would Relate

Most Black Children Chose The White Doll

Important Commentary 

*                   *                    * 

Ilene Had An Accident - Ended Up At An ER Hospital

Majority Of People Waiting Were Low Income And Homeless

Mother And Son Were Wearing Expensive Shoes - Priorities? 

We Had To Get Prescriptions At CVS

Santa Meets Customer Needs

Yes, There Was Also A White Santa Claus 

 *                   *                    * 

We Found A Unique And Very Special Museum 

Old Home Also Turned Into An Art Gallery 

Old Metalwork - Civil War Bell, Door And Window Grating 


Contemporary Art Pieces - Magnificent

One Of Two Metal Shops 

*                   *                    * 

Time For Nourishment 

Central Restaurant Known For Its "Q" (BBQ) And Unique Way To Get Draft Beer

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