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Trip Notes # 7 - Zadar, Croatia To Dubrovnik

May 12, 2016 

The Ovation is beautifully decorated. 

Central Staircase 

 Main Dining Room Light Fixture

There is an air of excitement by both passengers and crew. Women passengers were presented long stem roses as they boarded the ship. Many passengers did not care about the itinerary - it was the inaugural voyage that was the draw. Yet, there were a few passengers that had no idea of the significance of this trip until they boarded. Strange!

We seem to be in the minority when it comes to the make-up of passengers. Many passengers cruise several times a year. Cruising back-to-back-to back is common. There are even quite a few "round the world" cruisers.

The food is excellent. Each night (in one of the restaurants) there is dining theme - Greek, German, Italian, Vietnamese, etc. There is a specialty restaurant (Thomas Keller), a sushi restaurant and a few other "grab and go" places. Strategically placed in different locations are homemade gelato and sorbets. Flavors change each day. Yum!
Zadar, Croatia

We toured Zadar last June as part of a European road trip. It was strange to be back so soon. The main interest is the Sea Organ - a set of pipes set into the beach front. Ocean waves force air through pipes causing multi-pitch,  eerie howling sounds.

A walking tour of the old town was a draw for us this time. 

 Church In Town Center. 

Interesting Design

Old Building Now Used For Modern Restaurant 

Jerry Found A Picture Of Zadar - Late 1800's?

We came across this relief on an older building. Jerry thought that it was from the 1950's communist era. Not so! Actually, it is from the 1920's "Socialist era." Guess what? No political difference!!! 

 Jerry Likes Taking Pictures Of Manhole Covers

           Tree Pods (When Dried) Used For Rosaries                       *                              *                            *

We gleaned some interesting insight as to what occurred during "recent" (historical) times.

Most of Zadar was obliterated by British and American WWII bombing. 

When taken over by the Russians and with Tito following the Soviet lead, rather than rebuild using the old architecture designs, the rubble was cleared and the typical, ugly block-type Russian buildings were constructed.  While removing the debris, the forgotten Roman infrastructure was unveiled: roads, parts of buildings, statues, etc.

Roman Statues Used For Town Center Church Foundation 

 Found Buried Under Layers Of Dirt 

 Found Outside City Center 

 Part Of Roman City Center  

200 Year Or So Structure Built Over Roman Building 

                   Column In Front Is Roman - Smooth, Perfect and Lasting
                        Column In Back Is Croatian - Not As Good!

*                    *                    *

This was an interesting walled city - similar in some respects to other ancient towns - influenced by multiple cultures and religions, many churches, a port, tourist shops and, of course, tourists. 

                       Fun Areas To Explore!

Jerry Discovered Parts Of Buildings & Cannon Balls (?)


Napoleon's Troops Used This Monastery For Horses. Carved Out Part Of Wall For Water And Food To feed Horses 

1597 Grafiti

Many Narrow Streets 

 1400's Church Bible With "Cliff Notes" 

Church Music


Old Torah - 1500's 

Old Torah Cover And Contemporary (Murano, Venice) Pointer 

Dubrovnik will have a capacity issue if the town's popularity continues to rise. The tourist season doesn't start until June/July and it is overly crowded even at the beginning of May.

Plenty Of Red Carpet Treatment! 

Seabourn Puts On Surprise Evening Of Entertainment 
 Fort Above City Closed To Public 

 Entertainment Inside Fort Gates 

View From Fort Walls

Champagne And Local Music 

                                                          Cultural Dances 

The End Of A Great Day...

Or, we thought it was the end of the day...

The entire ship's crew greeted us when we returned to the ship. Music played, staff clapped, yelled and hooted loudly and the women passengers were given long-stemmed roses.

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