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Europe 2017 (July) Trip Notes # 6

Europe 2017 (July) Trip Notes # 6


Driving to the Split airport was relatively easy. Finding the "Rental Car Return" area was difficult. The entire airport complex was worse that chaotic. The airport is going through a massive expansion process resulting in us leaving the car on a dirt road about a mile from the airport.

Further complications: The handle on Jerry's suitcase snapped off when we arrived at Split. Jerry was able to buy a bungee cord at a Split gas station and made a make-shift handle. However, that works for a few feet - not a mile. Every time Jerry pulled on the cord (even after doubling the material), it stretched out to the point that pulling the suitcase was almost unmanageable. 

Returning the key and the rental agreement was almost as difficult. Fortunately, we took pictures of the car at the beginning of the trip and at the end. With the pictures, we were cleared and off we went through security and onto the plane - heading for Copenhagen.

Our first trip to Copenhagen was about 20 years ago. Our hotel (at that time) was in a different area.  This time, we were located near a very lengthy pedestrian zone.


Dreary Day: Locals and Tourists Still Were Out - Eating and Buying Things

Interesting architecture in this area...

 Although tired, we happened to find an opportunity for a canal ride.

The canal has a lot of old...

and some new...

Our first night dinner was surprisingly wonderful. Tired and not wanting to spend a lot of time looking for "the best" restaurant, we ended up at a Cafe near the canal and a "plaza area" where rather good local musicians entertained the pedestrians.

We started with a terrine of thick, rich and delicious tomato soup - enough for 3-4 people (how did we know)

Following was a platter of salmon with all sorts of wonderful goodies. That, plus beer, we were happy! Perhaps, even better for Jerry, he had his Aquavit (sort of like Vodka but with a rye bread taste).

*            *          *

This was the part of the trip in which we connected with Lisa and Tom. (Lisa is Jerry's sister).

The following day, the four of us toured the Copenhagen countryside. Visiting two castles, a church and checking out Viking ships.

Kronborg Castle

Shakespeare used this castle for his famous, play - Hamlet.

Guess Who? 

 Great 1600's castle church survived a massive fire...

Besides people acting throughout the castle. there were sound effects inside and out. What Jerry thought was thunder and an oncoming storm turned out to be cannon...

Frederiksberg Castle - The King's get-away hunting lodge!!!!  

 The Sun Comes Out! 

 Don't Forget - This Is A Weekend Get-away Place! 

 Almost  Look Familiar? Name That Movie! 

Fantastic Castle Church

Typical royal bedroom  - Many period clothing throughout the castle.

A Portion Of The Great Hall

Lutheran Church: Danish Royals Buried Here!

Viking ships:

Let's Go Sailing!

Several Viking ships were found buried underwater at mouth of harbor. It is believed that the boats were sunk as part of a protection process to keep "the enemy" from entering the harbor with their own boats. It took a lengthy period of time to remove, clean up and display. 

On to Germany...

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