Friday, June 23, 2017

Europe 2017 Trip Notes # 1 - Slovenia

Trip Notes # 1 (June 2017) - Europe: Slovenia

Air Tahiti Nui remains a very good airline.  

Some Very Good Heidsieck "Bubbly!"

Service is attentive - food is over the top.

Menu Cover

The lobster salad was more than enough food

Then came the veal entree  The veal could be cut with a fork. 

Desserts anyone?


Following our on-time landing at Charles De Gaul Paris Airport, we took two shuttle buses to reach a satellite terminal where we took a connecting flight  "HOP" (Air France) to Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

Ljubljana's geography was totally unexpected. Massive Alp mountains lead to a beautiful valley carved out thousands of years ago by large glaciers.

Making Final Approach To Airport

Welcome To Slovenia

Valley Floor: Close To Town - Great Roads!

Yes, Melania Trump's village is quite near. Unfortunately, there was no time to knock on her family's door and invite ourselves over for dinner. Maybe next time...

The newer part of town had uninteresting architecture. It reminded us of the Russian-style block apartment and office buildings built in the 1950's - 1960's. However, the "Old Town" is quaint, picturesque and looks somewhat like Prague.

Several pedestrian bridges cross over a river running through town center. 

River Cruise Anyone?

The old town area has its own, unique type of feeling - lay back and relaxed. 

There Are Benches, Cafes, Bars and Restaurants Along The River

We got the feeling that the locals (and visitors) always find time for a cigarette, coffee, ice cream, pastries and, of course beer, beer and more beer...

Why Not!?!

Ljubljana is a pedestrian and bicycle town. Unlike China and Viet Nam, where bicycle traffic is logical and reasonably safe, the bicycle driving pattern seems chaotic and dangerous. 

Bike riders of all ages zoom through narrow passage ways and pedestrian zones.

Time For More Sight Seeing!

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