Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Asian Trip Notes # 4

January 22, 2016

We wrote in Bog # 3 that we had one day to rest. We need the time to re-charge our batteries:

As February is nearing, the hotel is getting ready for Chinese New Year!

Jerry is relaxing by drawing with his watercolor pencils:

The Rain Tree of Batu Ferringhi - Planted in the 1700's

*                 *                  *                  *
It was up early again for another meeting. Coherent (our customer makes industrial lasers powered by PMI power supplies.

The range of finished products is fascinating: huge metal pieces to small plastic or balsa wood items.

Some of the equipment will use two power supplies.

At times, one must get used to the different type of facilities:

Easy down, not so easy up!

Most American factories located in Asia will use two clocks:

On our way back from meetings, we passed by a typical situation. There are many old, historical and abandoned homes in Penang that have been overgrown by foliage.

Sometimes we are so tired we can only eat a noodle-soup concoction:

Soup and noddles accompanies by all sorts of goodies

*                 *                   *                 *
As much as we can (and without being rude) we continue to try and meet Moslem couples.


We met a lovely young Saudi couple. "Albraa" (an engineer) happened to be born in the USA. His wife spoke perfect English.

The wife actually asked Arlene if she wanted to see her face. Of course, Arlene said "Yes." Arlene said that the wife was very attractive. 

The two women hid behind a corner counter and guess what happened?

*                 *                *                *
The hotel grounds are quite nice - also, in the evening!
Rain Tree lit up at night.

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